Maryland Oncology Hematology

Treatment Options

Maryland Oncology Hematology is your gateway to the most innovative, advanced cancer therapies that medical science can offer. Your team of specialists provides a depth of knowledge, experience, and understanding that will guide you to the most effective treatment for your unique situation. By combining human skill and compassion with the latest technologies, we offer you the best possible treatment, with the least amount of disruption to your daily life, in a location that is close to your home.

Medical Oncology
Our expert medical oncology team is here to guide the course of your care. They will consult with you on your choices; manage your treatment plan; keep you informed of possible side effects; monitor each step of your treatment; and fully evaluate your progress. Throughout the course of your treatment, these dedicated, experienced professionals will work to deliver the most effective therapy that medical science can offer.

With world-class knowledge regarding disorders of blood and blood-forming tissues and organs, our hematology team is prepared to offer you the best available treatments with the deepest concern for your well-being.

Our highly skilled medical oncologists and oncology nurses apply their skills and expertise to impeding the reproduction and growth of your cancer. Carefully managing dosages and monitoring progress, they work to eliminate cancers that may have spread to parts of the body far away from the original tumor. Always concerned with all aspects of your well-being, they provide you with the tools and information you need to effectively manage any side effects and achieve the greatest possible improvement.

Laboratory Services
Our in-house laboratory provides quick and accurate results for many of the routine tests that your doctor uses to detect, diagnose, and treat your cancer. Testing that must be processed by an outside laboratory is reviewed by your physician as soon as results are available. Our quick response ensures that you will begin receiving your treatment as soon as possible.